Valencia lights up its streets for an entire week of celebation and parties during March for the traditional celebration of The Fallas, held annually in commemoration of Saint Joseph (San Jose) The five main days celebrated are from 15 to 19 March, and are a combination of art, culture, and fireworks, and the fiesta is considered one of the biggest and most spectacular events in Spain.

The festival is primarily known for the creation and burning of large, colorful sculptures known as “fallas.” These fallas are built by neighborhood associations throughout the year, and they often depict political or cultural figures, as well as humorous scenes and caricatures. They display these in the city during the full week of the celebration and the climax of the festival occurs on the night of March 19, when the fallas are set alight in a spectacular display of fireworks and flames. The burning of the fallas is a symbol of the renewal of life and the casting off of the old.

In addition to the burning of the fallas, the festival also includes a wide range of events, such as parades, street parties, bullfights, and fireworks displays. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Valencian food and drink, such as paella and horchata.

Overall, the Fallas festival is a unique and unforgettable experience, combining tradition, art, and community in a celebration of life, culture, and the human spirit.