The Patrulla Águila (Eagle Patrol) is the military aerobatic demonstration team, based at Murcia–San Javier Airport (MJV), a former civilian airport located 26 miles south of Murcia on Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

In 2019 the airport was closed to civil an traffic following the Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU) opening a larger facility designed to accommodate an increase in passenger numbers.

The history of Air Force aerobatic demonstration teams stretches back decades, with the French Patrouille de France being formed in 1931. Tusing teachers from the country’s Air Force Academy as pilots. It was important for the team to use Spanish-built aircraft for their performances and they initially used five low-wing single-engine jet-powered trainers for the display aircraft.

Initial flights were a success, and a sixth aircraft was added to the team, along with smoke canisters for use during their aerial displays. A seventh aircraft was added in 1988. In honour of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the Patrulla Águila had their silver/orange colour scheme replaced with silver, red, and yellow.

This set them apart from other Air Force traihe Patrulla Águila was only created in 1985, ners and is the same colour scheme they use today. To celebrate The National Day of Spain in 1992, the team painted the red and yellow colours of the Spanish flag in the sky over the city of Seville.

Since its inception on June 4, 1985, the Patrulla Águila has acted as an ambassador for Spain, performing at many air shows at home and abroad