Every year in Mid-May, local fiestas take place in Yecla in honour of San Isidro, the patron saint of farming and agriculture

After various Holy Masses, musical evenings, folk dancing events and parades throughout the week long festival, the festivities culminate on the Saturday when floats parade through the town, known as the Gran Cabalgata de Carrozas.

These floats are hand made over many months and are works of art. The works begins with the design idea, then the structure is made and mounted on tractors, and finally the structure is covered with thousands of crumpled pieces of paper to create a beautiful finished article. The floats all represent Yecla and the agricultural industry and are amazing to see.

The members of the local ‘peƱas’ dress in traditional costume and the event is a riot of colour and noise, as confetti rains down on all, and the excitement is further enlightened by the food and wine that is handed out to the cheering crowds

The Fiesta de San Isidro has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 2021 in recognition of its tourist attraction and its work in preserving the cultural tradition of Yecla. It is celebrated the weekend closest to May 15

Yecla is approximately 26 km drive from Casa Rural Ubeda