A Great review

Tessy – July 2023 Vacation  |  Couple Magnificent rural site. 5 to everything because it was a very kind treatment by both hosts. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Honestly, if what you want is people and the city, look for a hotel in the city, but don’t go looking for rural houses and then complain that […]

Another Fabulous Review from a recent client

We chose the place because we had a VIP Box to spend and it was the one we liked the most of the options in the area. After reading several negative comments about the place, we were a little afraid to see what we would find and the truth is that the place pleasantly surprised […]

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11/09/2023 Amazing place. 10 out of 5 This wonderful b&b is in so quiet and peaceful. The hosts are welcoming and speak English and Spanish which is awfully useful. Everything I needed was made available and the calming atmosphere was something I’d been longing for. 100% will return

Local Castles

Elda Castle was erected in 1172, and was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2001. It stands on a mound in the town’s centre, near the left bank of the Vinalopó River. The castle was left virtually derelict from the mid-19th century until the late 20th century, when a restoration project was set up […]

The Burial of Sardine Carnival Murcia

Murcia City comes alive to the rhythm of the drums, trumpets, music and carnival floats as they celebrate one of the most varied and vibrant parades you will ever see, The Burial of the Sardine. Awarded International Tourist Status, the “Burial of the Sardine” (Entierro de la Sardina) is a Spanish ceremony celebrating the end […]


Migas is a dish traditionally made from stale bread and other ingredients in Spanish and Portuguese cuisines as a way for shepherds to use leftover bread and meat while on long trips. The word “migas” translates to “crumbs” in English, which refers to the small pieces of bread that are the primary ingredient in the […]

Valencia Fallas

Valencia lights up its streets for an entire week of celebation and parties during March for the traditional celebration of The Fallas, held annually in commemoration of Saint Joseph (San Jose) The five main days celebrated are from 15 to 19 March, and are a combination of art, culture, and fireworks, and the fiesta is […]

Día de San José (Fathers Day)

St. Joseph´s Day (Día de San José) is a special day for fathers and anyone called José, Josefina and their nicknames Pepe and Pepa! Celebrated on March 19th each year, the holiday honours Saint Joseph, who was the husband of the Virgin Mary and the father of Jesus Christ in Christian tradition. In Spain, most […]

What is so special about Manchego Cheese?

True Manchego cheese, is an aged cheese, from semi-cured to cured, unpasteurized or pasteurized and is made only from whole milk produced by the “Manchega” sheep raised in the “La Mancha” region. The taste is very characteristic, well developed, but not too strong, buttery and slightly piquant, with a sheep milk aftertaste Over 12000 years […]