The National Day of Spain (Fiesta Nacional de España) is a national holiday held every year on 12th October and commemorates Spanish legacy worldwide.

The historical significance of the day is that it is the day in 1492 that Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón), sailing under the patronage of the catholic monarchs, made contact between Europe and America, although it is said he believed he had reached the Indies.

The date is a key point for Spain’s overseas influence and legacy to the world and to the Americas in particular. It symbolizes Spain’s vast, common heritage with today’s American countries which made up the Spanish Empire, the first global power in world history

October 12 is also the official Spanish Language Day and the Day of the Spanish Armed Forces, hence it is normally marked by many military parades, the largest of which is in Madrid, which is attended by the King and important high ranking officials, plus personalities from the economic, social, sporting and cultural sectors. 

Televised live on TV from Madrid, the highlight of the day is the impressive formation flying of fighter planes, transport planes and helicopters