Tessy – July 2023

Magnificent rural site. 5 to everything because it was a very kind treatment by both hosts.
I don’t understand the negative reviews. Honestly, if what you want is people and the city, look for a hotel in the city, but don’t go looking for rural houses and then complain that there is no atmosphere

It is a small and cozy rural house. The care has been very good. They are there for what you need without the feeling that they are.
Magnificent pool, with sun loungers for more people than the series could stay, with shade if you don’t want to sunbathe. Barbecue with all the accessories.
Nothing deceitful as I have read out there, and I went with a smart box. Everything he put, was fulfilled.
It has exceeded my expectations due to reviews from picky people.
And the location is very clear, with very large signs. Who does not know how to get to request smoke signals.