Beware the Datura Plant can Kill

                                                 The plant is mainly grown in the hotter regions of Spain and is very attractive with white trumpet like flowers appearing on a daily basis and horse chestnut like fruits. Many an ex pat has unwittingly got this attractive plant growing in their garden without realizing the dangers. Also known as the Jimson […]

The Patrulla Águila (Eagle Patrol) Formation Flying Team

The Patrulla Águila (Eagle Patrol) is the military aerobatic demonstration team, based at Murcia–San Javier Airport (MJV), a former civilian airport located 26 miles south of Murcia on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. In 2019 the airport was closed to civil an traffic following the Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU) opening a larger facility designed to […]

Halloween in Spain

If you thought Halloween was a big event in Britain, you may be surprised to learn that it’s an even bigger celebration in Spain. Halloween in Spain is a three-day celebration, which kicks off on October 31st with el Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches). The following day, November 1st, is the Dia […]


Elda is a city located in the province of Alicante, and is only 20 minutes away from Casa Rural Ubeda As a city with very few natural resources, economic alternatives to agriculture had to be found and the town was forced to depend on industry and is now known as the city of shoes, especially […]

The Trillo

  The Trillo The word Trillo comes from the verb trillar, which means to thresh, hence the trillo is a threshing board. The trillo is a basically now obsolete but used to be used to separate cereals from their straw. It is a thick board, usually made of two to six pieces, with a fairly […]

October 12th The National Day of Spain (Fiesta Nacional de España)

The National Day of Spain (Fiesta Nacional de España) is a national holiday held every year on 12th October and commemorates Spanish legacy worldwide. The historical significance of the day is that it is the day in 1492 that Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón), sailing under the patronage of the catholic monarchs, made contact between Europe […]

Pilota Valenciana

Valencian pelota (Pilota Valenciano) is a traditional handball sport played in the Valencian region of Spain Whilst its origins are not known, it is commonly supposed to have been derived from the medieval Parisian Jeu de paume along with several other European handball sports Being played by low-class people and high-class nobles, Valencian pilota was […]

October 9th ‘Dia de Comunidad de Valenciano’

Each autonomous community in Spain has its own ‘bank’ holiday to celebrate local customs, and October 9th is the ‘Dia de Comunidad de Valenciana’, when all towns and hamlets in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón will take a public holiday and schools, shops and other workplaces will be closed for the day Coming […]

The Caves of Busot -Coves del Canalobre

The beautiful caves of Canelobre are situated in Busot, approximately 24km from Alicantye The beautiful caves of Canelobre are situated in Busot, approximately 24km from Alicante Situated at a height of 700 meters above sea level in the Cabeza de Oro mountains, the caves are one of the main touristic attractions on Costa Blanca. The […]

The Guns of Cartagena

From the 18th Century, a series of gun batteries were built around Cartagena Bay from Cabo Tiñoso to Cabo Negrete to defend the port from attack. Two of the most magnificent remnants, albeit from later times in the 20th Century, are to be found at opposite sides of the bay – at Cabo Tiñoso and […]