About Us

We worked long hours running our businesses and wanted to change our life/work balance.

So we began to plan a move abroad, with no real idea of where we wanted to be. 

For six weeks we travelled the length and breadth of the Mediterranean coast, from Portugal to Valencia, looking for a place to start our new venture. 

Eventually we chose inland Spain as we wanted to immerse ourselves in the “real Spain,” far away from the overcrowded coastline.

We eventually fell in love with an unusual place that had been converted from a bakery, a shoe factory and a bodega. 

It was typically Spanish and we liked its quirky character. We could see it had potential for development into a Casa Rural.

From the start we wanted to create something different, where guests could relax and enjoy the property to the full, so we created individual themed rooms, attractive courtyards and a garden full of scents and colour.

We now have a magical place, and a fabulous Spanish lifestyle.

What do we love the most about the house? – It’s unique and quirky.
Its flexibility means we can accommodate most guest requirements, from Bed and Breakfast to Self Catering, and we can also cater for private dinners and functions.

We love the garden and being able to be enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and the long hot summers and mild winters mean we can do so almost all year round.

We also love the location, we live amongst the Spanish and have adopted their lifestyle, enjoying each day as it comes, and becoming part of the community.

Karl & Mavis

Carl & Mavis